Tirelocapital Educational Investment Fund Policy

1.1. What is Tirelocapital Investment Fund ?

Educational Investment fund (IEF) is Tirelocapital initiative to solve educational financial challenges among south Africans who cannot afford to enter into universities, private schools, and colleges. This is investment and funding platform that helps South Africans to crack the disadvantages of educational affordability , this means our customers pay little investment over a period of three years which is short term investment while we contribute more investment into every subscribed customer to IEF.

1.2. Account Holders of IEF

It is highly recommended for parents or guardians to become account holders of the beneficiaries, Account holder can nominate additional account managers , this helps in case of unforeseen circumstances to continue with communication and the investment. Account holder can choose to deposit all three-year funds into Tirelocapital rescue account which we will debit the account month to month for period of three years. The rescue account helps account holders in case of loss of job, loss of income. TCB rescue account will only be available when TCB is running as a Bank.

1.3. Term of educational investment

Tirelocapital require full three or 12 Months based on selected investment package for educational investment fund, this helps us to invest further to ensure we achieve our investment goals. If you signup , let’s say in April or June 2024, you have to pay previous months in full to continue with the investment.

1.4. 2024 Grade 12 Learners Investment fund

Tirelocapital initiative purpose is to curve the financial stress among parents to further education of their loved ones to private schools, universities, and colleges. This means account holders will pay R1050.00 per month for period of 12 month so that by 2025 we can pay off the investment. For a learner to qualify for this opportunity we need letter of registration or acceptance letter from the secondary either private of public school signed and stamped from the School Principal, due diligence will be contacted to verify the learner with the school and the department of education , once the learner is verified the account will then be approved to start with investment.

1.5. 2024 Grade 11 Leaners Investment Fund

2024 Grade 11 learners are covered as well, Account holder need to pay at least R525.00 for two years to qualify the R350 000.00 investments payout when beneficiary completes their grade 12 in 2026. If the performance of the beneficiary impacted and caused them to repeat the class, the investment will be on standby until the learner completes grade 12 to qualify the payout for their preferred college or university.

1.6. Cancellation or termination

If you terminate your investment contract, TCB will then refund what have invested with no interests added on, plus admin fees charged which is 30% of what you have invested. Once the termination contract is signed, we can then process your payment within 72 Hours, paid direct to your account.

1.7. Tirelocapital Investment payout

All the investments packages, which is R 350 000,00 paid direct to educational institution of the beneficiary choice. Once beneficiary submit proof of registration or acceptance letter from the school , due diligence will be contacted and once approved, payment can be processed. This payment include registration fees, course fees which are paid on month to month to the educational institutions of beneficiaries. Tirecapital does not deposit funds direct to Benefiary or account holder bank account, our investment policy requires direct payment to the educational institution or service provider like accommodation, transportation and so on.
Every beneficiary get access to a new MacBook or Laptop and tablet of their choice with a budget of R 20 000,00 from the investment this laptop and tablet can be ordered by beneficiary or account holder on their portal from Tirelocapital Marketplace only. The beneficiary also get internet access until their investment payout completed. Study materials such as books, digital books, equipment’s can also be purchased on Tirelocapital Marketplace, every institution will list required study materials for each course into our systems.

1.8. Tirelocapital Educational Investment Benefits

• Get access to R350 000,00 Payout directly to the education institution
• Access to Transportation and accommodation
• Access to Free laptop or MacBook from Tirelocapital Marketplace
• Access to Internet access throughout your studies
• Access to Study materials from Tirelocapital marketplace
• Access to TCB Personal Bank Card

1.9. Methods of payments

We highly recommend digital payment which it can be done through EFT, Card Payment, or Debit order. We also accept cash payment from participating retails which will be listed on our Website and social media accounts. We also welcome our customers to access our offices to make digital payments by Card Swipe and EFT. We don’t accept cash payments into our facilities for educational investment fund.

1.10. Account Holder portal

The investment payout fee will display on the account holder secured online portal, this means the customer can access statements, see balance, see items purchased , mobile data balance and so on. Paid invoices to educational institutions which can also be downloaded into the customers portal. Remember once you sign up with Tirelocapital Educational investment fund, invoices from the educational institutions are now directed to Tirelocapital , as long as you are our beneficiary, until your investment fund payout is completed and signed off the investment contract, that’s where you can now deal with the university direct if you still have balance with them, in most cases this is caused by when the student in not preforming well and repeating modules or courses.

1.11. IEF Beneficiaries Entries Tirelocapital have unlimited entries for number of beneficiaries, this mean account holder can add more beneficiaries as much as they wish. As long as there is no duplicate of identity numbers. Account holder can also nominate beneficiary if the primary beneficiary is unable to proceed registering at the college or university. When nominating beneficiary we require ID number, proof of registration from the current school.

1.11 Payment Policy

It is required to ensure your monthly payments are consistent to maximize chances of getting funded after chosen investment term. Failure to adhere with TCB Payment policy will results in putting your Educational investment at risk of cancellation or termination if skipped for morethan two months and without possibilities of refund. Proof of payment must be sent to eif@tirelocapital.com or through TCB business WhatsApp line +27 69 854 3519 . If you are paying from selected retails , please keep the receipt safe, your payment will not be processed without proof of payment, If you have lost the receipt , you need to open a ticket and report your case, so we can track your proof of payment using your ID number and provided unique account number. When payment is completed, you will receive confirmation email and sms about the details of your payment. The reference of the payment is your ID number or EIF Policy Number, ensure you input correct ID or EIF Policy Number as reference when making payments.

1.12 Required List of Documents ( Attachments )

Account Holder:
• ID Document or Identity Card • Completed application form Secondary Account Holder:
• ID Document or Identity card Beneficiary
• ID or Original Birth Certificate Document • Proof of acceptance document from the current school ( Preschool, Primary, Secondary, College or university ). The document must be on the school letter head with contact information and also stamped, signed by the principal ( Optional )

1.13. Submission

Applications are processed online only; no manual applications will be accepted. Once your application is submitted online, Educational investment department will review your application and give feedback through your registered email.